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Latest news

column / 17 september 2019 /


Brexit and broadcasting

What does Brexit mean for international broadcasters in the UK?

As Brexit approaches, it becomes highly urgent for international TV channels operating under a UK license to make up their mind: stay in the UK or apply for a broadcasting license in one of the “remaining” EU countries. The so-called country of origin principle of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive of the EU means that a broadcaster needs a single license in one EU country to be allowed to broadcast in the entire EU. After Brexit – especially in a no-deal scenario – a TV channel with only a UK license will result in a black screen throughout the EU. This could potentially affect a large number of international commercial broadcasters now based in the UK.

Brexit and broadcasting

Pssst..., Rolex kopen?

Column Hidde Koenraad in FloraCulture International Magazine

Die bank is al duur genoeg!

Noot Hidde Koenraad & Diederik Stols bij HvJ EU 25 juli 2018 (Mitsubishi/Duma)

Noot Hidde Koenraad & Diederik Stols bij HvJ EU 25 juli 2018 (Mitsubishi/Duma)